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SKU : P230NOV-70

Manufacturer: NOV Baylor
Type: Model 7040 or 7040W
Year of manufacture: Refurbished

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The unit will be refurbished by specialist brake workshop as follows:
– Disassemble all brake components. Clean and sandblast components.
– Inspect components for proper fits- center plate, bearing fits, ring plate, bearing caps, inner seal retainers, bearings spacers, shaft, etc.
– Magnets I.D. seal welds are cut. Magnets are separated, the middle section is placed in a boring mill and the four sealed plate covers are removed.
– Existing coils are removed. Four new coils (coils- Heavy Allex coated wire) are installed. The four seal plates and the magnet covers are seal welded in place. The coil cavity is pressure tested for leaks.
– Rotor and magnets are built up. The rotor and magnet assemblies are machined to standard dimensions to achieve the proper air gap. Rotor is balanced.
– Brake components are primed.
– Brake is reassembled with new bearings and seals.
– Explosion proof breather vents are replaced.
– Install new EYS fittings (Chico filled) in conduit piping to J-Box.
– Air gap is checked.
– Ohm, megger and polarity test coils.
– Top coat paint.

Documentation: Report with measurements.

Picture attached is generic and provided as “illustration of workmanship” after refurbishment has been performed.

Option 1) The brake comes without drawworks hub mounted on the shaft. We can deliver new or refurbished hub to additional cost if required.
Option 2) PWM-CL CONTROL ASSY PART NUMBER 52826 is not included. Can be quoted to additional cost.

Note 1: Price does not include drawworks mounting cradle, shifting assembly, sliding sleeve or shifting ring (yoke).
Note 2: Final destination and rig name will be required before shipping.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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Referencia ELMAGCO™

7038, 7040, 7040W

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